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William “The Boss” Cherry, Schoharie County Treasurer,  expands his commanding influence on county government. Last November’s election saw “The Boss” and his operatives influencing all of the elections for supervisor in the county.  Supervisors who had dared to question Cherry were removed from office and replaced with individuals with allegiance to “The Boss”.  Republican Harold Vroman, Summit Supervisor, and former chairman of the board managed to survive.   Mr. Vroman had often fought Cherry’s policies that increased the size and cost of government and were detrimental to the encouragement of private sector growth and development.
BOTTOM LINE The Republicans have the majority vote on the board of supervisors. >>>None of the Democrats voted for a Republican.<<< All Republicans, except the loyal Vroman, voted for Democrat Skowfoe. The Cherryites are now in control.
January 17, 2014
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“You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln
January 3rd , Republican Tony VanGlad was elected Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Last year Tony supported all of the controversial issues brought to the board by Phillip Skowfoe and Gene Milone both Democrats and Cherry’s front men.   The policies of “The Boss” will be in good hands with Tony at the helm.  This move will allow Skowfoe to maneuver behind the scenes to carry out the plan to dismantle the Board of Health, solidifying control of the Health Department and finalizing the takeover of Civil Service.
Republicans vote for, Democrat,  Philip Skowfoe  to lead them as Vice-Chairman. Chairman of the Republican Party, Lew Wilson,  convinced all of the Republican supervisors, except Harold Vroman, to follow the choice of “The Boss” and elect Democrat Skowfoe as their leader.  Democrat Skowfoe was elected to the influential position of vice-chairman of the Republican controlled  board of supervisors.  The Honorable Harold Vroman was the only supervisor to hold fast to Republican loyalty and integrity and voted for Republican, Richard Lape for vice-chairman.  Mr. Vroman was chairman of the board during the flood and his leadership has been acknowledged as the single most important reason the county got off to such a good start to recovery.  Cherry seething on the sidelines teamed up with Skowfoe and unleashed a campaign to discredit Chairman Vroman and his Republican - Conservative supporters. Cherry gained control of the board of supervisors, flood recovery and most of the county departments.   And in turn Skowfoe is looked up to and embraced by Wilson and William “The Boss” Cherry.
SIDE BAR NOTES Gene Milone had a decades long  career as a NYC union organizer and political insider before being elected Town of Schoharie Supervisor.  Milone is Cherry’s right hand man.  Cherry publicly supported, Democrat, Milone for election over long time Republican loyalist Martin Shrederis.  Milone dominates the board, dictates the agenda on behalf of “The Boss” and bullies the debate.  Cherry and his Boys control the majority vote of the board of supervisors.